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Caroline first embarked on her yoga journey in 2008 after a car accident left her with severe low back and shoulder pain. She soon discovered yoga’s amazing benefits to heal and strengthen her body. As a former cross-country runner, she started training for a marathon in 2013 and used yoga as a form of active recovery for her long runs. 

As she noticed her body’s positive response to the yoga practice, she took a leap of faith and enrolled in a 200-hour teacher training through Frog Lotus International in the winter of 2014. Caroline delved into all things yoga and cultivated not only a love for the physical benefits but the emotional and spiritual as well. Since receiving her certification, Caroline has continued her training, finding inspiration from her teacher and many others. In December of 2021, Caroline began her advanced teacher training with Ignite Yoga and has since earned her experienced 500-hour qualifications (ERYT-500). She is passionate about helping others learn how to teach yoga in a mindful way that honors and embraces all elements of yoga.


Her love of functional movement and deep respect for the human body create classes where students can learn about their body and how it moves. Ever an observer Caroline borrows from her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology as she watches students do their individual dance on their mats. Human evolution has always fascinated her and she feels honored to be a part of her student's physical and emotional growth.

Caroline loves meeting students where they are physically and emotionally. She knows how much courage it takes for a person to step onto the mat for the first time, no one should ever be made to feel like they cannot do it! Her encouraging humor and positive nature allow all walks of life to feel welcome. She believes firmly in yoga’s ability to unite body and mind as well as her universal truth in yoga is for everybody and every body.

In 2020 Caroline took her teachings online, offering virtual yoga, sound meditation, and one-on-one coaching. This has allowed many to enjoy the practice from the comfort of their own home.

Black and grey photo of Caroline in a seated yoga position.
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